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Updated: 20-10-2014

Title Bugatti Type 57 Grand Prix - A Celebration
Author(s) Neil Max Tomlinson
Publisher Veloce
ISBN nr.
Publication date May 2015
Description A comprehensive, radical look at the history and development of the Type 57 Grand Prix Bugattis. New material challenges traditional beliefs about these historic cars, and rejects some long-standing conventions. Here, myths are explored and truths are revealed in a book celebrating all aspects of these remarkable cars and their creators.
Bugatti Type 57 Grand Prix - Neil Max Tomlinson Language English
  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • T57G Overview
  • 1936 – Testing at Montlhιry
  • 1936 – Grand Prix de l’ACF
  • 1936 – Grand Prix de la Marne
  • 1936 – Class ‘C’ World Records
  • 1937 – Le Mans
  • 1937 – T57S45 Tanks
  • 1937 – T57 Sport
  • 1939 – Le Mans
  • 1939 – Friday 11 August
  • The Surviving Tank Type 57G Engine Detail
  • Type 57G Tank Chassis Detail
  • Evolution – Grand Prix Type 59 to Type 57 Grand Prix
  • The Type 57 Grand Prix Emerges
  • Three Tanks or Four
  • Tail Lights (Summary)
  • Bibliography and Further Reading
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Title Bugatti
Publisher Pantheon Basel
ISBN nr.
Publication date 2009
Description Catalogue of the Bugatti exhibit at the Pantheon in Basel, Switzerland.
Bugatti Language German
Price € 15,-
Images Bugatti
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Title The Art of Bugatti Exhibit Catalogue
Publisher Mullin Automotive Museum
ISBN nr.
Publication date 2014
Description The catalogue of the Art of Bugatti exhibit with work of Ettore, Jean, Carlo and Rembrandt Bugatti.
The Art of Bugatti Language English
Price € 35,-
Images The Art of Bugatti
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